Big Greek Festival 2015

Experience A Taste of Greece


Big Greek Festival features the best Greek food in NJ: hot off the grill Gyros, Souvlaki and much more ... top it all off with traditional sweet Greek pastries!

gREEk Folk Dancing


EntertainmenT & Greek Music

Each year, vendors share handmade crafts and artistry, while business and personal service providers show at our Greek festival.

Come see our Greek dance troupe: When you're looking for things to do in New Jersey with kids, get thrilled by the wide range of ages presented on stage!

Want a unique event experience in NJ? Hear live Greek music and DJs - the best in Greek festivals in New Jersey!

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Randolph, NJ 

JUNE 4 | JUNE 5 | JUNE 6

Big Greek Festival 2014

Big Greek Festival 2014

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